Star Wars Rebels: Season 3: My Thoughts

Look, I’m going to be honest: Guys, you’re running out of steam on the train.

Star Wars Rebels is going into its 3rd season, which is nice. But honestly, I… I don’t really want to watch it.


I’ll wait…




…You calm? We good?


It’s just… The characters are all going to have to die by the end of the series. While you can expand on their pasts and make us more familiar with them, sure, go ahead with that, but… I’m getting bored of the show.

I never thought I’d EVER say that about a Star Wars media.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s enjoyable, I love the show, it’s great! But… I can’t watch it much anymore. I read the plot for the Season 3 premiere, and… To be honest, it didn’t excite me all that much. It really didn’t.

This entire show basically became Clone Wars Season 6 during Season 2, and, hey, I love Ahsoka, and Rex and Wolffe and Gregor and Hondo and all them. But I don’t want them to focus too much on those characters. This is a new part of the saga, don’t just jump around.

But knowing the Lothal Rebels’ fates by the end of the show means they’re either going to die, or they’re going to end up on a planet where they spend the rest of their lives.

Another thing to add to this is the fact that Tiya Sircar, Sabine’s VA, confirmed that Ezra and Sabine won’t be in a romantic relationship.

…If you were going to say that, WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THAT BEFORE WE GOT THIS FAR!?

You have an ENTIRE section of the fandom that ships these two, and you confirm a while LATER that they’re platonic!? Jeez! Why’d you ship tease them in the first place!? I mean, some shows are great because they explore the relationships between people! Sure, if they’re meant to be friends, go with that, but say that before the show airs, or at least when you’re done Season 1!

(Although, credit where it’s due, this is (I think) the first Star Wars pairing to NOT take off. Correct me if I’m wrong in the comments, just in case.)

But all this doesn’t mean I’m giving up on Star Wars in general. Far from that! I’m excited for Rogue One and Episode VIII. I can’t wait to see what they do next for movies and shows.

It’s just… I can’t watch the entire season. Oh, sure, I’ll tune in to the OCCASIONAL episode, but not all of them.  And when this ends, soon, Disney XD won’t have any original animated TV shows that have new episodes.

Gravity Falls? Done. Finished.

Wander Over Yonder? Plug pulled. No 3rd season. (Although that may change.)

Penn Zero? Ending after 3rd season was cancelled, only getting 2 seasons. So that’ll be dead probably by the end of this year. Maybe. I don’t know.

Future-Worm? Actually that show just started so yeah

Pickle and Peanut? Um… No comment.

Star v. The Forces of Evil? To be honest, I hope this stays for a while. I like this show. But it’ll end too someday.

And then there will only be infinite rerun animated shows and the occasional new live action shows.

But back to Star Wars. I really can’t watch the entire season 3. It’ll probably be boring and unsatisfactory most of the time for me, as I’m getting older and this show is mainly directed to… Oh, we’ll go for  7 – 13 year olds. (To be honest, anyone can watch this show.)

I really want to watch the entire season. I really, really do.

But when you know the possible fates, and most of the season just looks uninteresting…

What am we supposed to do?

Leave your own opinions in the comments. Have a nice day!





The Ghostbusters Multiverse

So, the new film came out, and it’s got women playing the leads.

Awesome! Score one for the women!


Haven’t seen it, and I’m not really planning to, seeing as the general population has rejected it because they’re all a bunch of sexist-


No, no, calm down… There we go.


Okay, so I read the plot on some websites, so SPOILERS AHEAD for those who haven’t seen the movie in





So at the end of the film, there’s a post credit scene of the 4 Ghostbusters sitting with their equipment. The subway worker, Patty, played by Leslie Jones, is listening to something and then asks the other 3, “What is Zuul?”



For those who don’t know, Zuul is the demon who possessed Dana in the 1984 original film. You’ll know him (?) by the infamous line, “There is no Dana. Only Zuul.”


Now, seeing as Rowan, the film’s villain, apparently opened a portal to another realm, it’s possible this realm is the spirit realm, but there’s another possibility.


*Film Theory voice* The realm that the portal was linked to was the original Ghostbusters universe.


Now, now, bear with me. But, just look at some key points that belong to THIS universe.

  1. Slimer appears!
  2. The original cast (Or, what’s left of them, RIP Harold Ramis) appears in TOTALLY DIFFERENT ROLES.

It’s not a lot, but consider: Zuul appeared in the first film, and this film is a reboot.



That means the possibility of an entirely different universe.

Rowan probably heard somewhere about Gozer’s (The main antagonist of the first film) attempt to rule New York, and decided to have his own shot at it, creating a dimensional rift that attached the two universes, bringing in old ghosts and new alike.

Ultimately, this could lead to a problem in the future, but we’ll worry about it later.


But isn’t this entire multiverse theory freaking awesome!?

*Film Theory voice* But, hey, that’s just a theory! MY theory! Aaaand CUT!


Well, that’s all I got for now! See you in a little while when I remember again that this blog exists! Bye!

The MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Ant-Man, and how it ties in.

Spoilers ahead.


  1. Okay, so, Ant-Man ties in and takes place after Avengers: Age of Ultron, but mainly Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as Bucky is seen with Steve and Sam in the credits scene. This is a HUGE thing for the next MCU film.
  2. We may get a Wasp in a MCU movie in the future, because of the prototype seen in the mid-credits scene.
  3. Hank Pym makes a reference to Avengers: Age of Ultron when he says “The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are ‘dropping cities from the sky'”. Sorry, Sokovia!
  4. Falcon first appears in the movie when Scott comes and steals tech… in the AVENGERS’ HEADQUARTERS. They fight, and Scott actually wins. Falcon then says into a walkie-talkie to the person on the other end “not to tell Rogers”.
  5. At one point in the movie, listen for talk about a guy “who climbs walls.” You know the name.
  6. Heading back to #1, Steve and Sam found Bucky. Yay!
  7. Heading back again to #1, which is the big one, here’s basically what happened.

Sam: Should I call Stark?

Steve: No, because of the accords. We’re on our own.

Sam: I know a guy.

What does all this mean?

I’ll tell you, using these hashtags.




Choose a side, May 6, 2016.

(Tagline goes to Mr8866, movie-trailer-maker extraordinaire.)

The Thoughts Of… Star Wars REBELS: Siege of Lothal

Well. Here we go.

Now, this is the one special we’ve all been waiting for. Given the things we know and seen, this one is a sure-to-be hit. However, what if Disney does something wrong and screw it up entirely? Then we’d all be like, what the heck, seriously…? We don’t want a special like this, heck, the SEASON 2 OPENING, to be ruined. We’ll have a great cast here, the rebels, Ahsoka, Rex, some pirate who I believe is Hondo (I swear, it’s him), and… Well, enter Lord Vader into the picture, some AWESOME lightsaber fights, fit that into a 1 hour episode, and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY! It’ll be frickin’ awesome!

Let’s just hope Disney doesn’t (bleep) this up, or people will stop watching this awesome show.

…Or else, shame on you, Disney.

Time to get… THEORATICAL!

That’s right, I’m converting my blog into… A THEORY BLOG! Ask me about anything, provided I respond if I know about it, and I’ll do my best to answer it!