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The Thoughts Of… Star Wars REBELS: Siege of Lothal

Well. Here we go.

Now, this is the one special we’ve all been waiting for. Given the things we know and seen, this one is a sure-to-be hit. However, what if Disney does something wrong and screw it up entirely? Then we’d all be like, what the heck, seriously…? We don’t want a special like this, heck, the SEASON 2 OPENING, to be ruined. We’ll have a great cast here, the rebels, Ahsoka, Rex, some pirate who I believe is Hondo (I swear, it’s him), and… Well, enter Lord Vader into the picture, some AWESOME lightsaber fights, fit that into a 1 hour episode, and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY! It’ll be frickin’ awesome!

Let’s just hope Disney doesn’t (bleep) this up, or people will stop watching this awesome show.

…Or else, shame on you, Disney.


Time to get… THEORATICAL!

That’s right, I’m converting my blog into… A THEORY BLOG! Ask me about anything, provided I respond if I know about it, and I’ll do my best to answer it!