The Ghostbusters Multiverse

So, the new film came out, and it’s got women playing the leads.

Awesome! Score one for the women!


Haven’t seen it, and I’m not really planning to, seeing as the general population has rejected it because they’re all a bunch of sexist-


No, no, calm down… There we go.


Okay, so I read the plot on some websites, so SPOILERS AHEAD for those who haven’t seen the movie in





So at the end of the film, there’s a post credit scene of the 4 Ghostbusters sitting with their equipment. The subway worker, Patty, played by Leslie Jones, is listening to something and then asks the other 3, “What is Zuul?”



For those who don’t know, Zuul is the demon who possessed Dana in the 1984 original film. You’ll know him (?) by the infamous line, “There is no Dana. Only Zuul.”


Now, seeing as Rowan, the film’s villain, apparently opened a portal to another realm, it’s possible this realm is the spirit realm, but there’s another possibility.


*Film Theory voice* The realm that the portal was linked to was the original Ghostbusters universe.


Now, now, bear with me. But, just look at some key points that belong to THIS universe.

  1. Slimer appears!
  2. The original cast (Or, what’s left of them, RIP Harold Ramis) appears in TOTALLY DIFFERENT ROLES.

It’s not a lot, but consider: Zuul appeared in the first film, and this film is a reboot.



That means the possibility of an entirely different universe.

Rowan probably heard somewhere about Gozer’s (The main antagonist of the first film) attempt to rule New York, and decided to have his own shot at it, creating a dimensional rift that attached the two universes, bringing in old ghosts and new alike.

Ultimately, this could lead to a problem in the future, but we’ll worry about it later.


But isn’t this entire multiverse theory freaking awesome!?

*Film Theory voice* But, hey, that’s just a theory! MY theory! Aaaand CUT!


Well, that’s all I got for now! See you in a little while when I remember again that this blog exists! Bye!


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