REBELS: The Spark Ignites

Brought back for your reading pleasure. Enjoy. -SWF12


People may wonder who we truly are. Well, in our case, we’re Grade 7 students at Lucas Academy. Me and my friends….well, we did something no one else could’ve done. This story is split into 3 parts, by vote of us. This story tells that we can be more than ordinary. We can be….



Chapter 1 (Chippy)

Our story begins….ooh, a couple months ago, I think.. My name is Chipper. Everyone calls me Chippy, though. My friends, the other rebels, are Malcolm, Vanessa and Steve. Oh, and a little robot Malcolm made, nicknamed Chopper. We painted him like the REAL Chopper, from Star Wars Rebels. One day, we were watching a episode of REBELS, when Malcolm goes: “You know what? Origami versions of REBELS would be awesome.” We all agreed with him. Once everyone else had left, I started working on a puppet. I worked for about…maybe, 3 to 4 hours? When I was FINALLY done, I out it on my index finger and smiled. “A real work of art.” I said. It sounded like something Sabine would say. Just guess who I made. Just guess. That’s right, Kanan Jarrus.

Chapter 2 (Malcolm)

My name is Malcolm. I’m Chippy’s best friend. I’m also good friends with Steve (though we do fight a bit sometimes…), and…um….. Don’t tell her, but I have a BIT of a crush on Vanessa… (I like her, but I don’t have a huge crush on her. Just a little one.) Anyways, Chippy called me and said he had made- Oh, you already know. Anyways, I made Ezra Bridger. I decorated him a bit, drew a face on him, and added a little lightsaber design I found online. He looked a bit like Ezra himself. Then I said to Chopper, “Do you like him?” Chopper just grumbled. (Remind me one day to remove that grumpy chip of his.. Thanks.) He didn’t seem to care, but I don’t care what HE thinks. I just hope my friends like it.

Chapter 3 (Vanessa)

Being a girl of artistic talent, it’s obvious who I made. Sabine! She’s pretty cool, being a Mandalorian, one of the coolest people EVER! (And yes, I kinda like Malcolm. He does try to flirt with me a bit..At least, I think he’s flirting… But I don’t care. I let the boy do what he wants.) So, Sabine was looking pretty good, and then I remembered I had a few cans of spray paint. So I went and got them, and brought them to school with me. I showed the others my cans, and they liked it. “I have a idea for a awesome prank..” I started, but then Chippy interrupted me.

Chapter 4 (Chippy)

Part 1

I instantly disagreed with her. “We’re not doing this to get in trouble. We’re doing this to help people.” “Ah,” she said. But little did we know someone was watching us…. (We didn’t know at the time, but we found out later….WAY later….)

Part 2 (Isaac)

My name is Isaac. I was watching them from afar, and I saw the puppets. I was inspired, and created the most awesome villain ever created for Star Wars: The Inquisitor. He looked very alike to the real one, facial tattoos and all. I even gave him a lightsaber…that SPINS! Yes, I said it SPINS! No joke, it really does spin. It was AWESOME! Then I decided to make my first move…

Chapter 5 (Steve)

Hey, I’m Steve! I made Zeb, considering that Malcolm made Ezra, and he’s not kidding, we do fight a bit. So Zeb was perfect for me! I had yellow tinfoil-like “bolts” on the ends of his bo-staff, and he looked really good. I brought him to school the day AFTER the others, and they all liked each other’s puppets. We didn’t know Isaac was listening to us. Of course, no one did. He was a shadowy kid of some sort… Sort of like the Inquisitor himself.



11 thoughts on “REBELS: The Spark Ignites

  1. Sdsam says:

    I’m just wondering when will this continue?

  2. sdsam says:

    Can’t wait to see this story crossover with the Universe story

  3. sdsam says:

    Will my character be in this?

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